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"Your voice makes me tremble inside and your smile is an invitation for my imagination to go wild." ~ Anonymous

Sexy Romantic Gifts. Gift Ideas to Romance Him & Him.

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Sexy Romantic Gifts

Romantic Gifts for Men. Romantic Gifts for Women.   Unusual & Unique Romantic Gifts. Sensual Massage Oils & Lotions. Gifts for Romance. Fun Gifts. Romance him, Romance her. 

Sexy romantic gift ideas. Romance her & him with fun, unique gifts, gourmet foods, flowers, roses, message in a bottle, kama sutra gifts, personalized keepsakes & apparel, poems, love letters.

Romantic Gift Ideas

Red Roses, Red Long Stem Roses & Photo Card (12, 18, 24) - $29.95
Roses & Rose Meaning
Kama Sutra Gifts, Earthly Delights Kama Sutra Gift Drum - $59.97
Kama Sutra  

Kama Sutra Kits, Massage Oils, Massage Lotions
Romantic Underwear for Her - Personalized, Initially Yours Rhinestone Camisole & Shortie - $19.95
Personalized Underwear
For Him & Her. Camisole Sets & Boxer Shorts


Soul Mate Keepsake Gifts, Only You Sculpted Keepsake - $19.95
Personalized Keepsake Sculptures
Love Poems.  Love Letters. Engraved Crystal & Lucite Gifts.
Romantic Kama Sutra Gift Ideas
Kama Sutra Treasure Trove 
Earthly Delights Kama Sutra Gift Drum 
Kama Sutra Bedside Box 
Kama Sutra Love Essentials Gift Box 
Kama Sutra Treasure of The Sea 
Kama Sutra Liquid Love Lubricant 
Kama Sutra Weekender Kit  
Kama Sutra Honey Dust 
Kama Sutra Tangy Citrus Bath Gel  
Kama Sutra Body Souffle 
Kama Sutra Massage Oil 
Kama Sutra Oil of Love 
Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit
Message In A Bottle
Message In A Bottle

Every once in a while
Something really great happens
That makes the day a little sunnier
And the flowers smell just a bit sweeter

Like When I Met You

Nothing has been the same since
Everything is new with sweet anticipation
The days are full of hopes and dreams
And the nights are timeless treasures

Nothing can take your place in my life
Nothing is as wonderful as you 

$31.95 - $129.95
Order online for special discount prices.

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"A woman knows the face of the man she loves like a sailor knows the open sea." 
~ Honore de Balzac

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