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Kama Sutra Gifts, Kama Sutra Treasure Trove - $35.97
Kama Sutra Treasure Trove
$35.97  Reg. $45.
These individually flavored gift sets make the perfect present for a loved one, friend, or just to reward yourself. Inside each Treasure Trove is a veritable bounty of deliciously kissable offerings: Sweet soft sensuously smooth Honey Dust Powder with its own feather applicator, tingling, tantalizing, tasty Oil of Love and intensifying Pleasure Balm, designed to take you and your lover to new heights. You’ll find all you need to add sparkle to your love life.
Kama Sutra Gifts, Earthly Delights Kama Sutra Gift Drum - $59.97
Earthly Delights Kama Sutra Gift Drum
$59.97  Reg. $75.
Inside every Earthly Delights gift tin lie infinite possibilities for romance. A playful, pleasurable collection of all the best things that Kama Sutra has to offer, this is the ideal gift for a special occasion. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, second honeymoons or for any moment that you want to celebrate love, this drum includes everything you’ll need for romance.
Earthly Delights Kama Sutra Gift Drum is shipped. Order Kama Sutra products online to guarantee delivery.
Kama Sutra Products, Kama Sutra Bedside Box - $35.97
Kama Sutra Bedside Box
$35.97  Reg. $44.95
The Kama Sutra Bedside Box makes a beautiful addition to any bedside table. The elegant wooden box is delicately painted and embellished with an antique gold covering, then subtly embossed with the Kama Sutra name. This keepsake collection includes sweet, lickable Honey Dust with its own feather applicator, spicy, tingly Original Oil of Love, lush, lubricating Love Liquid and sweet smelling Vanilla Crème Massage Cream. 
Kama Sutra Products, Kama Sutra Love Essentials Gift Box - $19.97
Kama Sutra Love Essentials Gift Box
$19.97  Reg. $24.95
Tuck these tricks up your sleeve for when the lights go low and the passion's on the rise. Sprinkle on sweet, edible Honey Dust, tempt the tongue with spicy Original Oil of Love, and keep things smooth and sensuous with lubricating Love Liquid. An irresistible, unforgettable combination.
Kama Sutra Products, Kama Sutra Honey Dust - $17.97
Kama Sutra Honey Dust
$17.97  Reg. $21.95
Tantalize and tempt your partner with a sprinkling of Kama Sutra Honey Dust. This sensuous, edible powder is made with pure, natural honey, one of India’s most prized skin conditioners. Dust it on yourself and on your lover, leaving a silky-soft glow, a delicate fragrance and an irresistible taste. Includes an air-tight canister, a satin pouch filled with powder and a handmade feather applicator designed to tickle more than your imagination.
Kama Sutra Gifts, Kama Sutra Weekender Kit - $19.97
Kama Sutra Weekender Kit
$19.97  Reg. $25.
Don't let romance catch you unprepared, a weekend away should always come complete with a few romantic getaway ideas. This take-along sampler includes travel-size portions of The Original Oil of Love, Wild Clove Luxury Bathing Gel, passion-sustaining Pleasure Balm, silky Sweet Almond Massage Oil, and edible Honey Dust with a feather applicator. Sure-fire favorites for those experienced in the joys of Kama Sutra, or a perfect introduction for anyone in the mood for a new adventure.
Kama Sutra Gifts, Kama Sutra Liquid Love Lubricant - $11.97
Kama Sutra Liquid Love Lubricant
$11.97  Reg. $14.95
Kama Sutra’s Love Liquid lubricant was designed with the connoisseur in mind. This silky water-based lubricant is formulated without sugars. Smooth and slippery, this unscented moisturizing lubricant is a love making essential. Condom safe, wash off easily and it's


Kama Sutra Bath Essence, Kama Sutra Treasure of The Sea - $18.97
Kama Sutra Treasure of The Sea
$18.97  Reg. $24.00
Transform a simple bath into an ocean of azure blue. A blend of nature's most precious gifts - vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the sea leave the skin feeling soft, the body nourished and the soul reawakened. Complete with freshly scented bath sands and a real sea shell scoop, this kit is perfect for bathing alone or for a romantic bath with a loved one.


Kama Sutra Bath Gels, Kama Sutra Tangy Citrus Bath Gel - $12.97
Kama Sutra Tangy Citrus Bath Gel 
$12.97  Reg. $14.95
Sensually scented shower and bath gels prepare you for love. Kama Sutra Luxury Bathing Gels turn the simple, indulgent ritual of a bubble bath or shower into a sensual interlude. Cleansing, refreshing and silky smooth, their rich satiny lathers impart an enticing fragrance and subtly stimulate your skin. Choose from exotic Wild Clove or refreshing Mint Tree, or try both for different moods of love. Each Kama Sutra Bathing Gel is created from a blend of ten naturally moisturizing oils and Vitamin E-rich wheat germ.
Kama Sutra Massage Products, Kama Sutra Body Souffle - $16.97
Kama Sutra Body Souffle
$16.97  Reg. $19.95
The Kama Sutra Body Soufflé collection encourages body exploration throught the fine art of sensual massage. Smooth these delicately scented, lusciously flavored, water-based creams over a lover's skin enticing curious kisses to follow. These rich creams also provide for a silky hand and body moisturizer.
Massage Oils, Kama Sutra Massage Oil - $13.97
Kama Sutra Massage Oil
$13.97  Reg. $16.95
Kama Sutra’s Massage Oils enhances the lingering touch of lovers, with each one designed for different moments in romance. Try Sweet Almond, for a relaxing massage, Serenity to de-stress after a hard day and Pleasure Garden to prepare for a night of passion. These light, non-greasy massage oils have been designed to glide on smoothly and guide a lover’s hand in the sensual art of massage. Each aromatic botanical blend of Kama Sutra Massage Oil is drenched with naturally pampering essential oils, skin-soothing emollients and nourishing Vitamin E.
Kama Sutra Gifts, Kama Sutra Oil of Love - $13.97
Kama Sutra Oil of Love
$13.97  Reg. $16.95
Rub a few drops of Kama Sutra Oil of Love into your lover’s skin and watch their passion rise. These magical potions heat up on contact, imparting a warm, tingly glow wherever they are rubbed. Slippery to the touch and irresistible to the tongue. Presented in a beautiful bottle, these oils are edible, and wash away easily, leaving only the sweet memory of a lingering touch


Kama Sutra Gifts, Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit - $29.97
Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit
$29.97  Reg. $34.95
A sensuous sampler of Kama Sutra Oils of Love. Invite a lover's lips to name every one of these delicious flavors within the Kama Sutra Collection Set with their eyes closed. The set features a tempting array of our favorite Oils of Love. These magical potions heat up on contact, imparting a warm, tingly glow wherever they are rubbed. Slippery to the touch and irresistible to the tongue, the Kama Sutra Collection Set is sure to be one collection you won’t mind delving into.

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