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Romantic Message In A Bottle.  Unique Gift Ideas for Romance.

Message in a Bottle is the most romantic gift on the web, you can choose from over 350 messages to send or write your own custom message and have it placed in one of our beautiful imported bottles (over 20 bottle varieties)  place in a custom wooden birch crate and shipped anywhere in the world.  Bottle prices range from $35.95 to $129.95.  Click on "Message" links for more information. 

Message In A Bottle - Love & Relationships - With Love - Special Someone - $35.95 - $129.95

My Love Is Not Fragile 
Someone Special #1
"My love is not fragile
It will not leave you
You are in my heart
and my soul
Everything that I am
you are a part of

Know that I cherish you
I always will."
Love is Not Just A Feeling 
Someone Special #2
"Love is not just a feeling
but something
that I want to do with you
for the rest of our lives"
Your Love is a Precious Treasure 
Someone Special #3
Your love is a precious treasure
It is something that I cherish
Nothing could ever or will ever
take the place of the love
that I have for you
and only you."
Love is What Binds Us Together 
Someone Special #4
"Love is what binds us together
what keeps us strong and sure
Love is what I feel with you
that I have felt with no other
I want a lifetime of love
with only you."
God Is Love, God Brought Us Together 
Someone Special #5
"God is Love
God brought us together and
will keep our hearts through all eternity
I look to Him to show me how to love
I pray that I will always love you in a way
that will cause you to bloom and grow and love."
Every Once In A While 
Someone Special #6
"Every once in a while
Something really great happens
That makes the day a little sunnier
And the flowers smell just a bit sweeter

Like When I Met You

Nothing has been the same since
Everything is new with sweet anticipation
The days are full of hopes and dreams
And the nights are timeless treasures

Nothing can take your place in my life
Nothing is as wonderful as you."
Beautiful Love We Share 
Someone Special #7
"The Beautiful Love we Share Together
Is Forever, Endless and Cherished
Each moment is beautiful, and is
The very sweet fragrance of love

Moments we share and memories we make
Will forever be etched in the pages of Time
Treasured warmly in our hearts and souls

Today, and every day
I want you to know
That the love I have for you, is for you alone
And I will cherish it always

You Are My Treasure."
After Being So Blessed 
Someone Special #8
"After being so blessed and touched by someone like you
Life is changed...forever seen through a different set of eyes.
Eyes that see from the heart with your wisdom and kindness.

Your heart is so trusting, your love is patient and kind.
You seem to anticipate each new day with innocence and hope.
Your very presence speaks of kindness, goodness and truth.

You trust in what is good and you hold fast and true to your faith
You are steadfast and confident with an unwavering trust in your tomorrows
You always see the good and help others to find the good in themselves.  read more 


Some Days Seem So Filled 
Someone Special #9
"Some days seem so filled and so busy
We seem to need more hours in the day
To get it all done

People who mean the most to us
Donít get a phone call, a card or a visit
That would mean so very much
They arenít told how very precious they are to us
And they aren't aware
Of just how often they are in our daily thoughts

I donít want another day to pass
Without telling you how very much I appreciate you
And all that you do
And that I admire and respect you in so many ways.
I never want you to think that I take you for granted.

I love you each day,
Even when I donít take the time to tell you."
As the Morning Dew 
Someone Special #10
"As the morning dew is kissed away by the sun
So my love for you is fresh and new with each passing day

As the sun rises each morning
I find another day in which I can love you

When we are together
I realize how entwined our souls have become
How we receive strength from each other
And how our love is so sweet and pure

I did not find real love until I found you
And my heart will forever beat as one with yours

I Love You today and Always."


Look Towards the Sun 
Someone Special #11
"Look towards the sun as it rises
The glistening rays of its warmth flow over me
As your love flows into me and fills my soul

Reflect on the horizon far beyond at dusk
The moon reflecting its glorious glow to the seas below
Casting new light to the unimaginable depths of the sea
A sea so deep, no man could ever know all that it owns
All of the treasures that it cradles amidst the storms

That is how my love is for you
And shall remain forever more, with untold treasures
Held secretly by you and I alone."


Together We Share A Love 
Someone Special #12
"Together, we share a love that is exciting
With endless imaginative ways of Loving
Sharing, Giving and just being together

I cherish each moment with you
I live for the next space in time when
I can feel the warmth of your embrace
And find my safe place in your arms

I Love You,
I Want You
And I Need
Only You."


I Close My Eyes 
Someone Special #13
"I close my eyes and let my mind venture
to a warm and inviting sea. Gently rolling waves lit only by the moon.
I remember the joy, the plans, the tears and the victories. So many
plans we made together and so many precious times and memories that we
have shared. They are times that I would change for no other, for they
were times I shared with you.

I look over the vastness of the ominous sea and I see a life of love that
we have yet to journey into together.

I feel the cool soft sand beneath my feet, and I realize that there have
been so many simple pleasures I have shared only with you.

These times are precious times to me and so are you."
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